Monday, October 08, 2007

Fern Hill

Dylan Thomas's poem Fern Hill was yet another work that I was unfamiliar with until recently. Composer John Corigliano set the poem to music for chorus and orchestra in 1961, making an already beautiful text become even more powerful. Not only do I enjoy this poem (and the music) for their artistic value, but they also describe nearly everything that I've felt in the past year or so. It makes me nostalgic, but at the same time churn up hope and a sense of newness in me.
Once again, I am simply posting a website link, because I was unable to get the format of the poem the way I wanted on the post.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Poetry

I've only recently come across the poems of Wilhelm Muller, mostly because of Schubert's settings to his work. This however, is one of my favorites: "Des Bachens Wiegenlied", which is the last movement of Die Schone Mullerin, one of Schuber's greatest song cycles, and certainly one of my favorites.

For some reason, I'm not having much luck with copy and paste, so I'll post the link to the text and translation.